Finding balance in a lighted makeup mirror - Hotel design

Illuminated bathroom mirrors are becoming increasingly popular and you can find them in millions of hotel rooms worldwide.

Today, from popular rounded corners to custom designs, including asymmetric shapes and other features (such as built-in shelves), mirrors with lights are almost unlimited.

The once ubiquitous rectangular frosted light windows have been replaced by new light shapes and patterns, allowing designers to make lighting mirrors to match or complement everything from wall decorations to furniture.

The makeup mirror technology with light is also constantly developing. For example, the Beautme smart mirror BM01 has been selected as the touch lighting cosmetic mirror used by many hotels.


Finally, lighting mirrors are no longer used only in bathrooms. Designers can provide hotel guests with mirror cabinets, anti-fog shower mirrors, makeup mirrors, and even exquisite, convenient and luxurious wardrobe mirrors.

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