Table Vanity Mirror with Lights

Desktop makeup mirrors should match your bedroom style with a simple style. Because all of us spend a lot of time styling hairstyles, applying makeup or preparing to work, this is part of our morning work.

However, if the jewelry is entangled on the side of the dressing table, and the toiletries should be placed in the bathroom, it is easy to be ignored. Having an untidy dresser can make your bedroom look messy and unattractive. To help you change the bedroom space, we have designed the best desktop vanity mirror to help you increase the luxury of the bedroom.

Some common cosmetics need to be placed on the dressing table. You can also hang the makeup mirror on the wall. Beautme makeup mirror is large enough to make your bedroom look bigger. "You can also hang artworks or smaller picture collections, which will make your dressing room look chic and add depth.

You should add something tall next to the vanity mirror, this really helps to separate the space. You can also decorate some tall indoor plants or tall candlestick candles. This adds personality to the bedroom.

Even if it is not the most important element, lighting is very important for any space in the home. If you want to fully enjoy luxury, Hollywood-style mirrors will provide you with perfect lighting and add a little charm to your space.

With 14 dimmable bulbs, you can adjust the temperature of two colors (white and warm light), so you can change the brightness as needed.


This wall-mounted desktop mirror is equipped with super bright warm white LED bulbs and dimmer switches, making it the best choice for makeup.

The mirror is equipped with 14 bulbs and has an intelligent storage function, which can remember your last lighting setting, whether it is daylight or warm light.

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